Quality & production

Lapafil benefits from a highly qualified technical team and an high experience in the production & development of fixing systems.


We manufacture fixing systems since 1955 & attend market needs by designing & developing ideas to create reliable, effective and innovating products of maximum quality.

Our motivation is to create new prototypes & new projects in fixings and to remain faithful to our commitments with our customers in quality, supply and personalized attention.


In Lapafil we offer an extended range of packaging format so the final design comply with our customer needs. For this reason we present our products in blisters, boxes, bags or jars of different sizes & specifications for each type of products.


In Lapafil, we manufacture our own injection mold & matrix, and benefit from a high professional team dedicated to innovation. Our team can create from the first prototype design to a completely finished new project.

We are specialized in fixing systems & we manufacture different type of nylon pieces such as clamps for pipes, plugs, cable ties, glazing blocks etc. We also manufacture steel products such as rails, clips, anchors etc.

We take special care to our final product presentation so it gets to our customers in the clearer, more practical & attractive way possible for its posterior selling.

Logistics and distribution:
Thanks to our logistics department, our products arrive in optimal conditions to our national & international customers.


Raw Materials:

In Lapafil we work with the best raw materials in the market.

We mainly manufacture our products in Nylon and steel.

Nylon offers high elasticity, resistance to temperature & comply with REACH & RoHS.