LAPAFIL, S.A. 1.955 – 2.016
61 years of history Lapafil SA is a third generation’s family company, 100% Spanish owned and founded in 1955. Its founder, D. José Pujol Rovira and its descendants have carried out the business till today. In its first location, in Barcelona, Lapafil started its business with the manufacture of cable clips for cable installation. This was Lapafil first patented product.

In 1967, the company moved to l’Hospitalet de Llobregat near Barcelona. Lapafil started to increase its range with the production of its double foot plastic clip as well as different types of nylon plugs.

In 1974 Lapafil changed to a Limited Company and in 1995 changed its name from Lapafil José Pujol Rovira SA to LAPAFIL SA.

In 1982 Lapafil moved to a bigger plant in Lliça de Vall near Barcelona, actual place of the company. Thanks to an increase in space, Lapafil also increased its range of fixing products to a large range of Nylon clamps such as our Lapaclip, Lapafix, Abrafix, Bifix clamps, new plugs types such as collar plugs, LP4 plugs, pressure plugs as well as cable ties, plastic rails and others.

In 2003, Lapafil engaged in the production of metal products such as anchors, one and double foot metallic clamps, steel rails etc.

As soon as concrete gas nailers appeared in the market, Lapafil patented and started the production of all kind of accessories specially designed for those tools such as our LPX clamp, cable tie base, washer and one foot steel clamp. Lapafil also increased at this time its range including chemical fixing products to its catalogue.

Since almost the beginning, Lapafil developed its own mold and matrix department for better maintenance and design of new products.

This department is now attending apart from its own needs, the manufacture & development of molds for external customers offering all the necessary technical assessment.

Lapafil has always paid attention to the needs of the market and its design department is constantly developing new ideas to create the most innovating & efficient products for the fixing sector.

The quality, price, fast delivery as well as our personal attention make possible to work with our national as well as international customers for years.

Lapafil will continue to offer top QUALITY and SERVICE at the best PRICE.

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